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Distribution sound source · Illustration · About the use of characters

◆ The sound source of this site is a sound source library for UTAU using the voice of "Kurukurusuuzi".

◆ The copyright is in [Kurukurusuuzi].

◆ You can use it free of charge.

◆ Please write the name of the character when using my sound source.

◆ The sound source may be updated without notice.


■ Prohibited Items ■ 

◆ Secondary distribution of sound sources and illustrations / Reprint without permission / Unauthorized upload / Self-made remarks / Traces
(Use for personal SNS icons, headers, posting on TL, etc. are all prohibited)

Use this if you want to post standing pictures on the wiki.Be sure to read "read me" when using it.
◆ Making goods using official illustrations without permission
◆ The act of treating this character as another character ※g strange characters are also not allowed
◆ Treat this library as an image CV, regardless of original or copyrighted character
◆ Attaching KUZUTOKAZE character clothes, regardless of original or copyrighted characters (excluding UTAU characters)
◆ Create a library impersonation account, role-playing account, or something similar
◆ Use sound source using this library for copyrighted(Ex: anime and games) self-made PV, MMD
◆ Co-starring with a sound source called “人力(JINRIKI)”
◆ Use NAMAE SHIREZU's fictional language recording list
◆ Selling and distributing merchandise that uses this sound source and characters in “Merkari” and “Lakuma”
◆ Unauthorized use for commercial or commercial purposes
◆ Infringing copyright
◆ Use to slander individuals
◆ Except for general discrimination such as clear discrimination, political use, religious expression, hymns and Buddhist scriptures

■ Permission matters in compliance with the above ■ (No report required)

◆ Secondary creation Please give consideration to those who are not good at radical expressions.
◆ Cosplay Please refrain from modifying costumes. Also, when posting to SNS, please indicate the name of the sound source somewhere.
◆ Distribution of coterie use CD, DL distribution, goods etc. are all acceptable
◆ Distribution of modified oto.ini
◆ Use of stand-up picture in work using this sound source 
Credit unnecessary
◆ Noise removal, modification of original sound setting

Publication range

The rules for the scope of disclosure here have been applied "from June 3, 2019"

There are no restrictions on works released before that time.


Videos and music using sound sources released and distributed on this site will be limited to the following site.

● Nico Nico Douga ● YouTube ● Twitter ● piapro ● soundcloud ● MQube ● bilibili video ● booth

Uploading and publishing to other sites (TikTok, うごくメモ帳(Moving Notepad), etc.) is prohibited.


◆ Please use after self-judgment and self-responsibility in the range not against public order and morals ◆
◆ If there is a point that can not be understood in the above or below, please refrain from using ◆


Please see here according to the above.

 ■Disclaimer ■


◆ The author does not take any responsibility for any trouble caused by using this library.

◆ When using this library, it is considered that you have accepted and agreed to these terms.

◆ The contents of the terms of use may be changed without notice. In this case, the latest contents of this document shall apply even if it has already been distributed.


◆ If there is a violation of the terms of use, we may prohibit the use of the sound source or the character. ◆

◆ If you continue to violate even after you pay attention to the violation, you may be alerted.

◆ If the violation of terms of service is too pronounced, legal action may be taken ◆

□ If you witness a violation of the Terms of Service, please be careful or contact us here. Please contact us if you have any questions.


■ Contact information (☆ → @) ■

Author: Kurukurusuuzi

Email: kurukuru2suuzi☆ yahoo.co.jp

Twitter: ☆kuru2suuziman

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