Please read and agree to the following "Terms of Use" before downloading and using.
If you do not agree, please refrain from using it.

The voicebank distributed on this website is described as "KUZUTOKAZE" below.

■ About the use of the distributed voicebank, illustrations and characters ■

◆About specifying the voice bank

It is optional to specify the name of the voice bank.

◆About rights

The rights of both the full body and the voicebank belong to [KuruKuruSuuzi].

The act of transferring VB or full body to others without going through this website,

plagiarism, self-made remarks, and redistribution are strictly prohibited.

◆About Voice Bank

Feel free to use it in with UTAU. You can olso use it for HANASU and UTAYOMI (唄詠).
Use for game commentary is also allowed, but please keep the character's settings.

◆Prohibitions when using Voice Bank

Please do not use it as an image CV, regardless of the original character or anime character.

◆About file modification

It is allowed to remove VB's noise and to modify VB's oto.ini.
Please do not make modifications that are excessive or with malicious intentions.

Redistribution is prohibited, with or without modification.
Distribution of modified oto.ini only is possible.

◆About Full body picture

Feel free to use it for videos using KUZUTOKAZE VB.

Do not edit it in an excessive way or with malicious intention that lose the original shape.

◆Prohibitions on full body pictures

Do not use Full body picture or pictures enclosed in files for SNS icons.

Please also refrain from placing full body pictures on the timeline in a way that allows them to be saved directly.
* It is allowed to use a full body picture for a video using VB of KUZUTOKAZE and post the video on TL.

Please refrain from excessive editing, and self-production of facial expression expressions.

◆About fan fiction creation, character

Feel free to make fan fiction. No need to contact for approval.

If you drew a KUZUTOKAZE character by yourself, feel free to upload the picture or use it as an icon.
However, copying the official picture is prohibited.

Please be free to express sexual, cruel, NLGLBL, creature, Beast, etc. Do not ignore the official settings too much.
* If you are trying to make a fan fiction of KUZUTOKAZE with other characters,please also check the terms of that party.

* Please pay attention to minors and those who are not good at these expressions.

◆Prohibited matters about fan fiction and characters

Please do not create anything like a KUZUTOKAZE BV account in SNS. 

Roleplaing is also prohibited, even at roleplay websites or apps.

◆Production and sales of goods

As long as it is within the scope of doujin use, please feel free to sell goods, distribute CDs and DLs, and distribute everything you want.

No contact is necessary.

If you are a private individual or a coterie circle, and you are distributing the work for a fee in order to collect only the actual cost of printing and other necessary expenses for the production of the work, it will be considered non-commercial.

However, it is possible to use it on a YouTube monetization channel. No report required.
Also, distribution on apple music, etc. is possible. No report required.

Please be sure to contact us if you wish to use them for commercial purposes or business use by a corporation.

Also, please do not use the official illustrations to make goods without permission. Even for personal use, please refrain from doing so.

◆About Cosplay

Is allowed. No report required.

You can arrange the parts that are difficult to create, but please do not modify the costume excessively.

In addition, selling of KUZUTOKAZE cosplay costumes is prohibited, even if you made it on your own.

In the case of private giving, please give the VB name, the terms of use of this website, and set the price not for profit.

◆About religious and political use

Use for the purpose of claiming certain politics or religions or degrading certain individuals or groups is prohibited.

* Excluding hymns, sutras and other general items.

Use in adult content is also prohibited.


◆The author is not responsible for any troubles caused by using this vocebank.

​◆Using this voicebank or character means, it is deemed that you accept and agree to these terms.

◆Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. In that case, the latest content here applies even if it has already been distributed.

◆Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries such as "I don't know how to use this,"

 "No sound," or "I don't know the password (PW 5680849038908)".

​​◆In the case of violation of the Terms of Use, use of the voicebank or character may be prohibited◆

​◆If you ignore the warning, we might alert about it.◆

​◆Legal action may be taken if the Terms of Use violation is exceeded◆

◆Please use it at your own choice and at your own risk without violating public order and morals.◆

​◆Please refrain from using if you do not understand and agree with the terms of use◆

■contact information   (☆→@)■

 Author :KurukuruSuuzi (くるくる数字)

 mail     :kurukuru2suuzi☆

   Twitter   :☆kuru2suuziman​


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